Fictional Erotic Romance

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SEXATIONAL SATSUMA:CONFESSIONS OF A NAUGHTY SEX THERAPIST BY LANA YVES IS OUT NOW ON AMAZON.COM; BARNESANDNOBLE.COM. Available on Kindle, Nook and Paperback. 435 Pages of steamy, sexy, erotic and sensual novel. 

Beautiful Satsuma Larene, a Sex Therapist and Expert didn’t lose her virginity until she was twenty years old but before she had sex, she had studied the art of sex and was more familiar with every aspect of sex than many of her friends who had already had sex. Once she lost her virginity to Roberto, a tall, handsome London Lawyer, all bets were off. Satsuma embraced her sexuality and participated in exciting sexual activities with Roberto and other couples.

Satsuma didn’t believe in love until the very debonair and successful Dr. Michael King came into her life. Her excitement turned sour when she was dumped by Michael and she gave up on love and continued to explore sex with different people. When love found her again, she was reluctant to give up her exciting sex life. 

Could she convince her love to join her sexual hedonistic lifestyle?

Satsuma Larene, Sex Therapist & Sex Expert Extraordinaire, although now happily married, but Satsuma cannot seem to let go of the time when she was single and was able to engage in different sexual encounters with couples and women. Although, Satsuma is very much in love with her husband, Dr. Michael King, she knew Michael would be mortified if he ever found out that she was secretly wishing for those times again and now reliving those times vicariously through other people by listening to their fantasies and sex dreams!

Would Satsuma be able to remain faithful to her doting husband?

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